1. The house police is pertain to all workers of the Dance Ensemble and also to all accredited colleague, all the renter of the premises and also to all the persons who are visiting the Dance house (inthe ongoing: building).

  2. Opening hours: on weekdays between 09:00 and 16:00 hour, and it can be divergence according to the programs held inthe building.

  3. To ensure the programs uninterrupted, we expect from all our employees and also from all persons who are participating in programs hold in the building to keep in mind the accordance with Community rules and social togetherness and civilized behaviour.

  4. For all employees and for all people who are visiting the building it is intended to use all equipment’s and installation functionally. When somebody cause intentional damage, they need to compensate it.

  5. Technical equipment can be used only from the program and course leaders or from the building co-workers trusted people.

  6. All persons residing in the building must comply and enforce to other persons also the current work, fire and security rules in force.

  7. According to the XLII smoking law from 1999, smoking is allowed just in the appointed areas.

  8. We do not take responsibility for valuables which are taken in the building, and also we do not take responsibility for vehicles leaved in front of the building!

  9. The workers from the ensemble are entitled to warn the visitors to comply the house policy. The persons who do not hold in the house policy after the warning, need to leave the building.

  10. The offices for the ensemble workers are non-public offices, there can be visited and used only from people who are the ensemble workers, people who are visiting according work behaviour, renters and performers.

  11. Events and sessions which are connected to the rentals, has got the own policy which are agreed in a contract between the ensemble and the renter.

  12. On the sessions (trainings) and also on other events the users/renters fare responsible for the equipment’s installed in the buildings rooms. When somebody cause intentional damage, they need to compensate it.

  13. Persons who are influenced from alcohol or from other narcotics can’t be stay in the building.

  14. The ensemble hold the right for, when there are too many people in a room (it hit the capacity of it) they can indicated it as full, and then they can’t let more people in.

  15. Children under the age of 14 (fourteen) may only enter the eventsinthe building, if accompanied by an adult in full possession of their faculties, and may remain at the events only if accompanied by an adult in full possession of their faculties.

  16. The buffet which are working in the building is owned by a contractor. The ensemble it not responsible for the movements from the buffet, in any irregularitation or divergence from the law.

  17. In emergency situation please contact the colleges from the Ensemble and also the competent authorities:

  • AMBULANCE: 104
  • POLICE: 107
  • Emergency line from Mobil phone in Hungary: 112